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Stay Safe During Your Road Trip

If you have time for a trip this summer, why not make it a road trip? Hitting the road with some of your best friends can make for an adventure to remember. While the trip is sure to be fun, make sure you stay safe on the road. Here at Expertise Synthetic Lubes in Quincy, we have some suggestions to help keep you safe on the road this summer.

Have Your Vehicle Inspected

Having your vehicle inspected is important and should be done with plenty of time before your departure date. A professional should inspect your tires and make sure they aren't too run down for your planned trip. Make sure your air conditioner is working just in case you come across extremely hot conditions while on the road. Have your battery checked in order to make sure it won't give you trouble once you head out of town.

Check Your Fluids

Have your vehicle's fluids checked and make sure they're at their proper levels. Maintaining your fluids at their correct amounts will help assure your car is functioning properly. Your vehicle should have enough coolant to avoid overheating while on the road. Maintain your brakes in proper working order by checking the fluid and topping it off if necessary. Check your engine oil and consider changing it if you haven't changed it in a while. When choosing the oil for your vehicle, remember that synthetic oils tend to perform better in hot conditions as compared to conventional oils.

Get Some Rest and Stay Alert

Before you head out on the road, make sure you are well rested. Get enough sleep the night before to assure you will be alert as you drive. Don't rely on sugary, caffeinated drinks since the initial alertness you feel can wear off quickly. Stop at rest areas to stretch and move around a bit. Remember to take turns driving in order to avoid overloading one person with all the work.

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