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Preventing Engine Damage as You Start Your Car

If lifting your hood and watching steam pour out is common-place for you, then you're well aware of the effect heat has on your engine. But what about the cold? In this post, Expertise Synthetic Lubes has some lesser known damage that can occur during the cold, and how you can prevent against it.

What Happens to Your Oil When Your Engine Stops

Whilst driving, your engine oil is being constantly heated and pushed throughout your engine. However once you turn that key, the constant heat is no longer present and your oil becomes susceptible to the cold. When conventional oil is left to sit in a cold engine the paraffins present increase the chance that your oil will loses its fluidity, becoming too thick to provide the comprehensive coverage that your engine needs as it starts.

The Role of Oil to Prevent Cold

As your cold engine starts it requires a complete layer of lubrication to prevent damage caused by the metal-to-metal collision of your engine parts running. If you are using a conventional based oil then any thickening that has occurred will prevent it from getting where it needs to. The potential outcome - engine seizure. As an example, when General Motors stopped sales of the Corvette ZR-1 it was due to engine seizures caused by engine parts not receiving sufficient lubrication at startup. The answer? General Motors advised that its Corvette required the use of synthetic oil. Because Amsoil Oil in Quincy does not contain Paraffin it is able to hold its consistency in cold temperatures, allowing it to perform its duty by providing comprehensive protection during cold temperatures.

Synthetic Oil in Quincy

If you find that your engine starts a little rough in the morning or you just want to make sure that you are not causing damage to your engine as it starts, speak with an expert about the benefits of Amsoil Oil in Quincy. Call Expertise Synthetic Lubes now on (217) 430-5664 about benefiting your engine by switching to a high quality Synthetic Oil in Quincy.

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