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Three Great Reasons to Make the Switch to Synthetic Oil in Quincy

As automotive technology continues to advance, engines are becoming a lot more efficient, and a lot more sophisticated. This increase in performance requires oil manufacturers to also continue their progression and create products such as AMSOIL synthetic oil and lubricants which can provide comprehensive and consistent lubrication.

Extend the Life of Your Lubrication

While synthetic may appear slightly more expensive than conventional oils, the higher cost is solely upfront. The performance of synthetic oil will soon show its financial benefits as you find yourself changing your oil less often. Synthetic oil is able to hold its structure and additives longer than conventional, leading to reduced oil changes, potentially cutting your regular change in half.

Performance During the Extremes

With summer getting hotter and winter getting colder, the requirements placed on your engines oil have never been more important. Conventional oil can easily thicken in colder weather, leaving crucial parts of your engine unprotected as you start your car and wait for it to ‘warm up’. Conversely, synthetic oil is able to maintain its viscosity during these conditions, and ensures constant protection for your engine’s moving parts. The same goes for extreme heat - with synthetic oil maintaining its benefits well after conventional oils have evaporated and ceased to lubricate effectively.

Fuel Economy

What does this all mean for your back pocket? The less lubrication, the harder your engine has to work, which in turn leads to a direct rise in your gas usage. Utilising a high quality lubricant, such as AMSOIL Oil in Quincy allows your engine to operate easily. This means that there is consistent and adequate lubrication throughout your engine allowing it to move with the least amount of energy (and fuel) necessary.

Synthetic Oil in Quincy

If the above information has you thinking about how you too can save money at the gas pump, speak with an AMSOIL expert here at Expertise Synthetic Lubes on (217) 430-5664 about how making the switch to Synthetic oil in Quincy can improve the performance of your engine.

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