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General Maintenance Tips for Your Classic Car

Classic cars are a great way to enjoy historical motoring and show your passion for automotive history. Take some tips from Expertise Synthetic Lubes about how to keep your investment protected and performing.

Let's Start With the Basics

Giving your every-day car a good scrub with off the shelf car cleaner is a fine way to keep it clean. When it comes to a classic car, it takes just a little more attention to detail. Start with a purpose designed cleaning solution and pay attention to the detail of the car to remove grime and buildup that can easily affect older paint that wasn't designed for today's climate conditions.

When It's Not in Use

Whether you use your classic every day or just on special occasions, how you store it greatly affects the lifespan of its original condition. Keep your car stored in a cool dry space and utilize a high quality car cover that allows your car to breath, preventing stagnant air and mold growth.

Petrol and Fluids

If your classic car is not often used then it's a good idea to drain and replace its fuel before driving. Fuel breaks down and loses its potency in a month, posing the risk of underperformance and damage to your engine. When it comes to fluids it's best to use purpose designed lubricants that can provide extensive coverage and time between oil changes.

Synthetic Oil in Quincy

Maintaining your classic car isn't difficult, but it does take time and attention to detail. If you're looking to protect the engine of your investment, speak with an expert at Expertise Synthetic Lubes on (217) 430-5664 about Amsoil Oil in Quincy and the benefits it can bring.

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