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While planning your summer road trip is a fun activity, you should also take some time to give your car a check-up. Keep in mind that there are certain recurrent difficulties that account for most breakdowns and that can be easily prevented. For this reason at Expertise Synthetic Lubes we would like to tell you more about this important topic.

Most Common Car Failures

Flat Battery

Having your battery inspected before going on the road is important, as it's difficult to notice when your battery is poorly charged. Make sure to visually inspect your battery and check that it has all its plastic pieces and that the clamps are secured. Also, don't forget to have your jumper cables in your vehicle.


Remember that the hot summer weather also affects your engine. However, your cooling system will dissipate the heat from your motor and it's crucial that it's working properly. Make sure to check the coolant and oil levels and look out for any leaks.

Flat Tires

Taking care of your tires and inflating them properly is very important, however sharp objects, increased air pressure or valve steam leaks that can be difficult to notice can lead to flat tires. Make sure to have the right tools and jack in your trunk to change a tire. Driving on the road represents a responsibility and you should make sure to check these areas to avoid potential problems and setbacks that can ruin your vacation. Also, don't forget to read our guide to stay safe during your road trip.

Synthetic Oil in Quincy

Using synthetic lubricants in your vehicle will improve its cleanse, as it contains a high viscosity index that decreases the chance of degradation which will prevent the formation of sludge. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Quincy, you can trust Expertise Synthetic Lubes for your AMSOIL needs. Call (217) 430-5664 to learn more about our products or place an order.

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